Wednesday, June 18, 2008


By Rodney Katongo

Zambia is blessed with a lot of Natural Resource. Our wealth as a country lies in the land and the young people. With massive land and minerals it is expected of the young people to wake up and strive towards economic empowerment. There must be a deliberate policy to educate the young people on business and enterprenuership and further support them with systems of financial capital for their businesses such as "Financial Mentors in Capital Raising for Enterprenuership", Many of the young people have got good idea that can turn round this country, however the many basic information that people think they know does not exist. This country will benefit from serious policies that are implemented not only on paper. This coming month i will be writing articles on how best we can achieve some of the needed information for the young people in having sustainable development. And not only information but also way of raising capital. I understand the challange that lies in presenting Collatoral. Stay blessed. This is a click from the mind and I will expand it to educated the many young people in Zambia and other countries.

Friday, November 9, 2007


By Rodney Katongo
Sad headline made news during the week were the Chinese investors were caught in possession of illegal copper cathode worthy billions. One posses and ask will the crockedness of Chinese end? This just show a bit of theft many are yet to be reviewed. Furthermore a stories are head of how Chinese national have rampantly abuse young girl in areas they have been contracted to build road or and other infrastucture. They were just stories but yesterday (8th November 2007) at MOVI TV a young lady has been abandoned by a Chinese National After having a Baby with her. (The Baby who has now be come a blacknese). The has been a lot of abuse to work as indginous Zambia's are exploited with low wages and now proper working protective tools. Our social life is been abused and affected by the attitude of such and i see no need to have so called Invested that only are for the interest of our rich natural resources.

The issues surrounding China investment in Zambia needs a critical analysis for the young people. There is no doubt China is now the third largest investor in Africa. China is hunger of copper and so a massive movement to Zambia in having this copper and other minerals. China also is contributing in a number of ways to our economy. It a know fact that sub sahara grow with about 6% in its economy due to the trade with China. Its also worth under note that Industrial and Commercial Bank of China bought 20% worthy US$5.5 million in Standard Bank which is known as Stanbic Bank (people's bank) in Zambia. Many more is being done for china to gain influence over Africa and my article looks at Zambia and the Social impact. The first question i have is to whether these economical development are link to our social development? There has been a flood of counterfeit products produced by Chinese in our country that does not last long for people of our standard. The clothes at cheap price with very short life span of not even a day is an abuse of a good life for a country that is striving to gain its economical power. As a common saying cheap is expensive many of the poor find would have spend more money on such products and life becoming even more complicated for them. So one wonders as to whether there investment is genuine.


Monday, November 5, 2007


They say, ' everyones birthday is today, but not everybody's birthday is everyday.' This day of 5th November happens to be my birthday. I am told that great men are born in november. It is a time to reflect on my life and see how God has allowed me to move. Seventeen minutes past midnight a lovely friend sent an sms though the ring of the phone disturbed me, i was happy because she remembered and managed to wake up. The monrning was of a lot of suprises from my brother and friends; i had the common 'water bath baby.' I was also getting offered coz i was dressed for work being a monday but hey what could i have done i let it. Well, 30minutes in my office a phone rung that my computer has been stolen from my small struggling business office in town (being a young enterpreuner-had allowed for free for a youth organization to use my computer as a contribution towards youth empowerment) As i write i dont know how i should feel but yet this has prompted me to write this article. I find it a nonsense for someone to steal a tool that has been in that office for long and hold a lot of data and proposals for a youth NGO. As I sit in this other office were National Malaria Control Centre Has given a small contract with the funding of World Health Organization, i feel let down by my fellow friends that do not want to see development in life. I wish these thieves would come to their senses and bring back the computer or maybe i say let them use it for a noble cause... i wonder how such would use it. On this birthday when i thought to have joy, has brought a slap on my face and a step behind yet i stand and keep on reflecting and feel it's a blessing because am going to work hard and buy two of such kinds of computers. My freind always says, "What can not kill you is good enough, it makes you strong." Well a birthday is just like any other birthday yet brings you to reality coz one would have grown and never to be back a child. I want to count my success and i have to set even new goals. While it might be sad for the stolen property i count it pure joy, my goals are even higher. Take time to reflect on your birthday. Happy Birthday to all Novemember Babies

Friday, November 2, 2007


The greatest Human Resource of all time are the youth. It is a great resource becuase it is able to learn and implement. Many people think youths can not lead themselves but that is ridiculous and need to be thrown out dead and buried. Though some youths seem or are caught in failure to lead themselves does not mean all youths. And this might be attributed to a lot of factors that included a frastrating community and lack of role models of the elderly generation. In the quest to build up a youth community that will have role model within themselves and later become role model at older level to the young ones then, is helping Youth organizations such as Zambia Association For Youths In Schools (ZAYS). The organization which has been in existance now for 6 years or let me say 7 years yet has been suppressed and frastruated by irresponsible elderly persons who should have approved or helped in allowing it to fully operate. Thank God this youth NGO have climimbed mountains and being associated with them is a great honour in my life and we are heading in the right direction. After a successful project funded by CRAIDS (see it stimulated such initiative like the opening of a branch among other in Kafue Estates a place that has more females and mostly youths. The intention of open a branch is to build an Institution that will empower young people with skills for life. Young People that are action oriented need great support from all sectors if this country is to rise to the the height of gaints!!!!!!!Who among many is willing to help such a noble cause? The challange is to them that are privalleged to help partnering for development!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


By Rodney Katongo
I have always wondered why we have many people including the young concetrate on fighting the smoke and not he fire. Clauded with excitement of a day while sleep with hunger is to a fool greatness. Budgets increase and get drunk with harmful substance called liquor of all kinds in the name of celebrating Independence. The politicians and the government pull their heads with pride yet are eaten up with dependence in a lot of things. Even when it is said Political Independence the politicians are ruled by selfish externational power. While we see the second colonization coming, many are busy celebrating what the don't even understand. While celebrating Independence is not a problem but what is being celebrated for and why our forefather fought for it? I it worthy? If what they fought for has been forefited by the way thing are now then it is not worth celebrating and i believe even when the are rised to see, would not celebrate but begin the fight of independence again. There is no true independence when there is too much dependance.

The eve of independence and on the actual day will see a lot of young people infected with HIV, and others beaten to death, others take themselves to the early grave by drinking them selves to death. It is a pit that business will have to stop for a while just to enrich the foreign harmful substance imported (alcohol) and still be proud for nothing. And the day ends, then hunger and no employment surfaces again. While the opportunities are seen i pray even this day should create a job that is sustainable then i think independence celebration is worthy it. I would be stupid to hold on to the things that will make me a step behind. When the goverment spend a lot on a day and failure to do the same for a period of time in developing or empowering the youth with wealth for sustainability then the celebration are not worthy it and it is full of idioticity. I would rather stay away from it and concetrate building a business that will truly liberate me from poverty of this country. Enjoy for a day, affect a life for life, is retrograssive and nonsense! While i give credit to our freedom fighters, the question lingers, Is this what they fought for? Poverty, Unemployment, Economic slavery by the international funders or money suckers, Diseases? I dont know but i feel the fought a good fight to be better than them but today, where there was a road remains a name. Community infrustructes, instead of improving are detoriating. This Independence of nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


By Rodney Katongo

The engine of every society are the youth. If we are to have a better tommorrow we gat to start now. Positive attitude will lead us to the highest levels. Every young people needs to create a way for all to fiT even in the midst of diversity. We lead the world and yet feels like we are at the bottom. We drive the economy yet we do not enjoy the benefit. We get education yet shocked of what it holds for us. Am left to wonder what is wrong with us? Well, many young people need to change the way we perceive life. And this is how we are to move, "what matters in live is not what happens to you but how you handle what happens to you is what matters; because you can not change what has happened but you can avoid what happened." We have the greatest potential in various ASPECTS of life. In all sectorS we gat to raise and do something for the betterment of us and the generation to come. It is not time to cry and be employed by the government but it time to create employment for our selves and help/shame the governement with the ability God has given us. Yet we need to cry for governament to put in place enabling environement for us to invest in our beloved mother Zambia. Take it or leave look around yourself there is money. With patience perceviarance we shall get there. Naturals resources are our pride and so we need to ustilize them. If you fail today sleep and wake up begin again.